Drawing with hand gestures

Learn to draw with hand gestures

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Language: English

Instructors: Sudeepti Surana

Why this course?


Drawing is very easy to learn and we can prove it!

With the right guidance from Kids Fiesta's highly qualified teachers, you child can learn to draw. 

Teach your child this awesome drawing course with this unique drawing technique to find out. 

This course is best suited for children between age 5 and 12.

Teach your child to draw with hand gestures!

Course Curriculum

Learn to draw Wolf with hand gestures- Complete FREE Tutorial (3:00)
Learn to draw a duck with hand gestures- FREE Drawing Tutorial for Kids (2:00)
Draw bird with wings with hand gestures (4:00)
Learn to draw duck in water with hand gestures- Complete free drawing tutorial. (4:00)
Learn to draw peahen with hand gestures (3:00)
Learn to draw peacock with hand gestures- FREE Video Tutorial for Kids (6:00)
Draw a corn with hand gestures- Complete Drawing Tutorial (3:00)
Learn to draw a flamingo with hand gestures- Complete drawing tutorial (2:00)
Learn to draw a cactus with hand gestures. (4:00)
Learn to draw a Zebra with Hand Gestures (5:00)
Get 100 + Drawing Tutorials at Rs. 199/- Only

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