Fun with Art

Art is Fun | Fun is Art

Language: English

Instructors: Sudeepti Surana Khare

Why this course?


Fall in love with art with Fun with Art Course!

The course contains 10 extremely useful tutorial videos that will teach your kid various art and painting techniques!

This course will help your kid develop and interest in arts, enhance his/her creativity and develop fine motor skills. 

Although the course is for kids between age 4yrs to 10 yrs, children of higher age group will also find this course really amusing. 

So dive into the world of art and paint.

Enjoy the course!

Course Curriculum

BLOW ART (9:00)
Q Tips Straight (16:00)
Dandilion (18:00)
Scotch Tape Art (32:00)
Painting with gradient effect using acrylic colors (51:00)
Create awesome night sky with spray painting (22:00)
Watch this simple simple art tutorial for your kid- Vase and Flowers (9:00)
8 Easiest Water Color Painting Techniques in One
Make this beautiful heart with art using acrylic colors
4 painting techniques in 1 video
Get 100 Activities in 100 Days

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