Vedic Maths in 45 Days

Complete Vedic Math (Mental Math Course) in 45 Days

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Language: English

Instructors: Siddharth Khare



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Complete Vedic Math (Mental Math Course) in 45 Days

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Course Curriculum

Adding Series of Single Digits- Dot Method for Addition Preview
Dot Method Practise Sheet Preview
Addition of two digit numbers with single digit numbers (4:00)
Adding two digit numbers with single digit worksheet
Adding Two 2-Digit Numbers (4:00)
Adding two 2-Digit Numbers Worksheet
Adding two 3-digit numbers (6:00)
Adding two 3-digit numbers worksheet
Adding four digits, unequal digits, more than two numbers (11:00)
Adding four digits, unequal digits, more than two numbers worksheet
Number Splitting Technique For Addition (17:00)
Number Splitting Technique For Addition
Super Fast Subtraction Technique (10:00)
Subtraction of 3-digit numbers (10:00)
Subtraction Worksheet 1
Subtraction of 4,5 Digit Numbers (9:00)
Subtraction of 4,5 digit numbers worksheet
Base Complement Method of Subtraction (9:00)
Complete Previous Two Worksheets With The Base Complement Method
Nikhilam Method for Subtraction (14:00)
Nikhilam Method Worksheet
Split Method of Subtraction
Split Method Worksheet
Multiplying two digit numbers (4:00)
Multiply Two Digits Worksheet
Multiply two 3-digit numbers (5:00)
Multiply two 3-digit numbers worksheet
Multiply two 4-digit numbers (5:00)
Worksheet multiply two 4-digit numbers worksheet
Multiplying two numbers with unequal digits (4:00)
Multiplying two unqeual digits worksheet
Multiplying any number whose units digits add up to 10 (3:00)
Multiply any two numbers in seconds through Vedic Maths. (10:00)
Table of 2,3,4,5
Table of 6,7,8,9 (6:00)
Tables of 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 (9:00)
Table of 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 (9:00)
Table of 22,23,24,25 (6:00)
The base method of division in Vedic Maths- Nikhilam Method (6:00)
Nikhilam Method of Division Worksheet (8 pages)
Dividing 4 Digit Numbers with Nikhilam Method of Vedic Maths (3:00)
Divide in seconds with the Nikhilam Method- Examples (14:00)
Nikhilam Method 4 Digits Worksheet (8 pages)
Parvartya Method of Division (6:00)
Parvartya Method Tricky Examples (4:00)
Parvartya Method Worksheet (8 pages)
Flag Method of division (20:00)
Multiplying with a series of 1's
Multiply with 11 (5:00)
Multiplying with 111 (5:00)
Multiply with 1111 (3:00)
Worksheet for multiplication with 1 (13 pages)
Multiplying Series of 9 (5:00)
Multiplying Series of 9 numbers in seconds (5:00)
Multiplication of two digit numbers by 11 Multiplication of three digit numbers by 11 Multiplication of four digit numbers by 11 Multiplication by 12 Multiplication by Thumb Rule Multiplication of two same digit numbers Multiplication of numbers using the base 10, 100, 1000 Multiplication of Multiples and Submultiples Multiplication of Number series of 9 Multiplication of numbers by Criss-Cross Method
Bonus Topics: Digital Roots Divisibility Fractions Squares Cubes Square Roots Cube Roots Division of Double Digit Numbers

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